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‘Whoops, I unbuckled my buckle onbu’

I have received a couple of messages asking for flat pics of how to rebuckle a buckle onbu. The design of the carrier body means that the webbing protrudes from the bodypanel at a angle (45 degrees)….(here comes the science bit) This ensures that when the carrier is worn with the lower portion flipped to make a seat for your child, the webbing is directed upwards towards the shoulder straps, this means an even distribution of force, so as not to create stress at either  outer edge of where the webbing is attached to the carrier.


The webbing is attached to the carrier bodypanel at an angle as shown.


Here below you can see that the curved buckle (once fastened) follows the natural curve of the wearers torso.


Here in a flat pic you will see that the webbing looks like it has a turn on the piece protruding from the bodypanel, however, this turn will rectify once worn.


Again, here is another flat pic, you can see the ‘turn’ on the webbing which corrects whilst in use.


And here, on the mannequin, you can see how this has corrected itself against the torso, once clipped together the curved buckles sit flush against the wearers torso.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via the Facebook page, happy wearing🙂